Spirit and the number 7

The number 7 correlates with the collective consciousness. It is a vibration of spiritual awakening , development and personal enlightenment. The number 7 brings a vibration of deep contemplation, introspection and intuition. This is the vibration of the seeker, the thinker and the search for Truth.  It is the ability to connect to the inner self and being thoughtful of self and others and connecting to humanity on the deepest level possible. It is the number of the mystic, the healer, and the psychic. Also the number of the writer, the scientist, the philosopher. This vibration is one of spiritual intelligence.

Positive traits of vibration 7 are inner strength and persistence, endurance and perseverance, a sense of purpose, long-sighted, independent and determined.  This is the number of knowledge, logic, analyzing with a keen mind, discernment and discerning, education and learning.

Negative traits of vibration 7 is a depressed state, pessimism, dependency and co-dependency, unwilling to compromise and share ideas, inactivity, hypercritical, rigid and distant, argumentative with a temper, having resentment or being resented, a lack of persistence and stagnation.

Those of life path number 7 have a conflict between everyday life and taking the higher path. These people have a high level of intuition and are able to connect to their higher selves to receive information. The goal of a life path 7 is to find the balance between taking the direction their soul truly needs/be true to themselves and the consideration of others in the process. They know how to be alone with themselves with out feeling isolated and this can sometimes cause them to be the loner type, which suppresses their true need to be with others and can cause them to avoid contact.

In Tarot, there are 5 cards that resonate with the vibration of 7:

The Major Arcana card The Chariot: This card represents having full control over feelings and thoughts so that the alignment of the higher and lower self alchemize into something positive. It is awareness of body and mind and the ability to be in the drivers seat and direct both of these things in the direction you want. If there are conflicting influences, this card represents the ability and/or need to bring them into harmony. It is self control, determination and success and the ability to objectively watch every act, thought and feeling from the self and others. A card of self belief and self assurance.

A Minor Arcana card The 7 of Wands:  This card represents sticking to your guns and defending yourself, your purpose, your thoughts and feelings. It is an energy of strength against adversary and a strong belief in self. It represents being honest about what you want and being authentic in attaining it. Fighting against opposition. Taking a stand for yourself and/or others and making your point forcefully.

A Minor Arcana card The 7 of Cups:  This card represents seeing many choices and an inability to organize yourself and make a choice. A card of having high expectations but being lazy in life. This card can represent not looking at things how they actually are but mixing them with your own illusions. It’s a card the represents the need to think honestly about what is before you and what you can and cannot achieve.

A Minor Arcana card the 7 of Swords: This card represents deception and dishonesty. An energy of avoiding responsibility and running away from the truth. It can represent the abuse of authority for personal gains and manipulation. This card is a need to be logical and have clarity on a situation as to make the best and most honest choice. This card represents isolation. It is also breaking free, doing things your own way and “saving yourself”. Independence.

A Minor Arcana card the 7 of Pentacles: This card represents preparing for your next steps after evaluating what has already been accomplished. This is an energy of evaluating where you are and what you need to do next. It represents patience and the ability to witness yourself. After putting in work you see results from your efforts. A time to take a break from your hard work and making assessments.

In astrology the number 7 is the sign of Libra:

This sign represents the first step in making accommodations and compromise with the ‘other’ in a one-to-one relationship. It is I versus you and the ability to stay true to the authentic self while also alchemizing with the authentic self of other people. The path to self understanding and awareness is through interactions with everything outside of itself. Interdependence, dependency and co-dependency are all issues related to the sign of Libra. It is an intellectual and mental sign.

In relation to Runes, the number 7 is represented by Gebo:

It represents a gift, whether an actual present, a skill, an attribute or ability. It is the rune of love and forgiveness, of partnership and compassion. It is a rune of generosity and hospitality. It represents exchange with others.

The 7th Chakra is the Crown Chakra. This chakra is inner wisdom, higher self and represents highest freedom and Truth. It is understanding and knowledge and the ability to fully connect to our spirituality.  It is the chakra at the top of the head and when mastered is considered eternal bliss and connection to the divine.

7 number

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Positive Philosophy

Forgiveness and releasing hurt, anger and judgements from our life philosophy is an important step to take for our understanding.

Understanding is a great device to make us more conscious. The act of understanding is different than knowing. Knowing is having direct contact with something in your environment and observing it. Understanding is considering the relationship this person event or thing has to the whole universe.

When we understand, we realize we know less. When we understand we realize we carry rubbish and unnecessary garbage in our minds.

When our viewpoint is one of radiant joy and positive energy, our understanding becomes one of love, assurance and confidence. When our viewpoint is one of negativity and defeat, our understanding becomes one of hate and despair.

When we focus on love, unloving thoughts and view points fall away. It’s a good time for positive new beginnings in our life philosophy and finding the useful and favorable meaning in whatever situation we are dealing with right now.

Strengthening and tapping into our mental powers is easily accessible presently and any new viewpoint that comes to you has the potential to stay with you for a very long time.

Staying alert and aware of all you do is necessary. When you wake up, be alert to what you’re thinking. When you shower, be alert to how the water feels. When you eat, be alert to how the food tastes, how you’re chewing. When you sleep, stay alert to the thoughts that carry you to your slumber. Staying alert to all that is around you brings more clarity into your life.

Using our thoughts for constructive growth and purpose helps us cut through all barriers that hold us back and eliminates the possibility of harming ourselves or others.  Courage and resolution is at our fingertips as long as we are completely honest with ourselves.  Life is often a bumpy ride, but with a positive attitude and the ability to smile in times of distress, we are capable of turning any situation to our favor.

Take the time to initiate new ways of thinking that will grow into a new life philosophy and understanding a new meaning to your life. Facing the challenges with an honest heart and believing in yourself brings enlightenment and the encouragement to leave your dark shadows behind and step into light.

“Your enemy is your friend, and the curses are blessings, and the misfortunes can be turned into fortunes. It depends only on one thing: if you know the key to awareness” ~Osho~

triumphant success

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Cathartic Change

Change is an inevitable part of life here on earth and the changes we experience can cause a mental conflict and sorrow. In the midst of these changes , it’s important that we don’t suppress, deny, and put our emotions in containers, hoping they just disappear and go away.

There are generally two types of sorrow: the sorrow of loss and existential sorrow.  If you have one, or both, make sure you look at them. Feel them. Don’t judge yourself for what you feel or think: Just let what you feel or think “be”.

This conflict can cause us to remain still in the sorrow. We don’t move backward but we also don’t move forward. It is more than okay to stay in this state for as long as you need, but eventually it will be necessary to decide how you will deal with it to move forward.

One path must be chosen over another, and it is important to choose the path that will bring you closer to your inner child, your joy and your most authentic self.

Your sorrow and conflict has reached the end of a cycle and it is time for movement and for you to be the hero or heroine of your own story.  Reclaiming your life and recovering from the emotional stalemate is of upmost important. To travel forward we must let go of emotional baggage, childhood pain, fear of life and disassociating from ourselves.

You have felt the depths of your soul and the changes you experience can align you with your true destiny. Transforming our sorrow unleashes our potential and can give us the courage to share our painful experiences with others.

Our personal vision is important and it is important we share this with others who may be in the depths of their own sorrow.

You never know if what you have learned or experienced can help someone else!



cathartic change

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Perseverance is Power

The present energy is one of hard work: this work extends to all areas of life, whether it is your inner self you’re working on or something external like your job or skill set.

It’s the right time to go out and grab what you want and to perfect your abilities so that they serve your highest good and for the good of those around you. The more we give out, the more successful the outcome will be!

Approaching it with positive intention can only bring light, integrity, love and grace to whatever it is you’re currently working on and this will allow your work to flourish beautifully. It’s important for you to get in touch with what your true intention is so you can go straight to what you want instead of taking the long way to get there.

If there are any problems, look at them as a blessing in disguise, for they will give you insight into what works and what doesn’t. Satisfaction can be found in attending to details and being diligent, even if it takes a few attempts to get things right.

This is not the time to force or rush anything, as the best job will be done with patience.

You have worked long and hard to master disciplines and principles and now is the time to start reaping the benefits of your widened perspective.

(Remember to have fun with it and to add variety so you don’t become bogged down with the same old same old)

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thgil *

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rozšířit blázen

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★★ blackmoontwo ★★


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black moon lilith

bl itsallcosmic

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11 míra Skorpió


Outreaching warmth of human character. Saving power of social restraint for too emotional souls. Humanitarian ideals.

The deep concern of the social group for the safety of individuals

◄ ◄ ► ►◄ ◄ ► ►◄ ◄ ► ►◄ ◄ ► ►◄ ◄ ► ►◄ ◄ ► ►◄ ◄ ► ►

Gnarled twisted trees against an overcast sky. 

In tune with darkness, difficulty, and melodrama

corrosive immersion

Playing with fire, checking out the dark side of the tracks.

inwardly seek regeneration 

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