Transformative Battles

Life is a series of challenges and transformations and this can make us feel weary, exhausted and tired from the struggle.

Recognize that the battle, and the scars left behind, give us spiritual strength and enlightenment that we will carry with us for an eternity.

If you feel the need to protect yourself, close off, or give up, now is not the time.
Choosing to do so causes us to disconnect from crucial pieces of ourselves that we are missing, and this new information can only make us feel more intimate with our loved ones and ourselves.

It is important to stay open and meet the ones you care for in the heart and withhold nothing on the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual levels.

To receive what we need, it is necessary to aim high, allow our energy to grow and have faith in the value of our energy and energy of those in our closest relationships.


death 9 wands

About itsallcosmic

interested in all that is unknown- i don't see what i can feel - if vision is the only validation then most of my life isn't real
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