Jupiter in Libra station direct June 9th


Jupiter has been retrograding in Libra since February 6th and will station direct TODAY, June 9th.

During this retrograde period we have been discerning what is most important in our relationships, and finding out what is and isn’t working for us and those closest to us.

We have scrutinized our selves and the people in our lives to find out what is most important, and to find the best ways possible to balance what we need versus what our loved ones need.

It has been an internal process (because of the retrograde energy), and when Jupiter stations direct on June 9 the plans of expansion we have been coming up with are ready to be outwardly expressed.

Jupiter will station direct at 13 degrees and the sabian symbol is ::::


~The need for recuperation within a social pattern of everyday activity.
~Emphasizing the need for techniques of relaxation, and the need to allow the functions of body and psyche to “digest,” free from external pressure.

The energy shows a need to take time to ourselves while also maintaining the important balance of nurturing our relationships.

Holding space for others and allowing them to come forth with their gifts balances out our need to personally shine.

Staying neutral and allowing things to unfold creates open-mindedness and fairness.

During the next few months, make sure to take ACTION because Jupiter can cause a lack of motivation.
We don’t want to waste all we have learned.
We will have many opportunities to manifest peace and equilibrium.

If we work hard on our relationships, there will be many good times of joy and more lasting conditions of happiness.
Our projects and undertakings will grow and prosper and happiness flows from
favorable involvements.

There will be transitions and regenerations that could seem scary, but it is important to remember that anything stagnant eventually dies, so making sure there is always movement forward keeps us and our relationships alive and fresh.

Meeting our most important relationships with a sense of continuity keeps our connection with the ever unfolding fabric of life, and renews passion,  which supports our ability to manifest what we desire.

Clarity, destiny and authenticity are important words to meditate upon the next few months.

Follow your instincts and know intuitively what is right for you to cut through and face the truth and surrender to a higher calling.


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interested in all that is unknown- i don't see what i can feel - if vision is the only validation then most of my life isn't real
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