Retrograde Saturn in Sagittarius

Saturn in Sagittarius has transited retrograde since April 6th and will continue to appear to move backward until August 25th.

Saturn represents where we do not yet “have it straight”, an area where we have to become capable and apply repeated effort to gain ability on a non-ego level.

It is an area of purpose, direction and responsibility to ourselves and the greater whole.

We must meet this area of life with complete self discipline and always make sure we see things through.

This is an area of our greatest desire yet also our greatest fear, and it can show how our fears keep us from fulfilling our ambitions.

When we accept and meet the tests Saturn holds for us, we can then experience new forms of freedom.

With Saturn being retrograde, this process has been an internal affair. Thinking and processing how and where we can be more responsible and disciplined is what we should be doing, so that when Saturn turns direct in August we can act on all that we have internalized.

We are being given an opportunity to redo some things we haven’t gotten right yet and now is the time for inner work and inner planning so we can make things right when Saturn is direct.

For everyone this is a unique process, as it all depends on where Saturn is at birth by house, sign and aspect and what area of your chart Saturn is transiting by house and aspect.


At this moment , Saturn is at 25 degrees and the sabian symbol for this degree is :


The nobly accepted subservience of the individual to collective values and goals

A picture of what social construct consciousness can mean in its highest implications. The flag bearer is unarmed, defenseless; yet he can be the rallying point for the total effort of a large collectivity.

*A symbol of consecration to an ideal*


Saturn is asking us to hone in on our ideals, our philosophy and what we find sacred. We should be incorporating what we realize now with the beliefs and ideals of those closest to us. It is important to discover our truth at this time and to communicate with the darkest parts of us that are unknown. Make sure to be open to wisdom and to also be committed to our path. Pay attention to the world around us and notice where we are lacking. Facing this area with bravery and facing the truth head on will bring us on a quest of self discovery; within this discovery it is important we eventually implement it in our lives for the good of the whole.

With knowing comes great responsibility.

saturn sag

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