Receptive Maturity

The deeper we go within ourselves, the more maturity we gain and can discover the hidden power we have. If we look, see, feel and touch with out thinking too much, existence can flow more easily into us.

When we fully connect with ourselves, we have more opportunity to connect with partnerships and experiences that are in line with who we are.  We can transform our darkness into light and live our lives more creatively and with more compassion, as an individual and within all of our relationships.

A part of maturity is truly listening to those  around us and making sure to be receptive . Having an open mind and fully listening can bring unexpected opportunities and alliances that can assist you with future goals and projects.

Growth and movement is supported now to create a firm foundation for ourselves in the future. When life is building momentum be sure to grab it while it’s there and have self confidence that all of the plans and energy you’re putting into your future will create long lasting security and safety.

About itsallcosmic

interested in all that is unknown- i don't see what i can feel - if vision is the only validation then most of my life isn't real
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