Harmonious Desire

It is a good time to reflect on the things wanted and what to change in order to have harmony, feel satisfied and achieve things that make us proud.

Being open and receptive to who we really are and making changes that reflect that, no matter how big or small, brings happiness, peace and celebration into life.

Make sure to daydream or meditate to allow visions or feelings come in a state of relaxation. These serve a purpose to get in touch with true desire. Writing down the steps needed in order to make these dreams a reality will help in the brainstorming process.

It may be a time where you need help and guidance or someone needs that from you. It isn’t always necessary to figure things out on our own and by brainstorming with others (or even our higher self) new inspiration and ideas will come.

Finding our place in the world with the people we feel most comfortable with is one of the most important steps we need to take for true fulfillment and to have optimism about the future.

Jump into the river of life to know life and to become a creative participant for yourself and everyone and everything around you.


About itsallcosmic

interested in all that is unknown- i don't see what i can feel - if vision is the only validation then most of my life isn't real
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