Pluto in Capricorn

Pluto is the planet of the underworld, transformation, the subconscious and that which is below the surface. It is a generational planet and it’s orbit is eccentric so it can take any where from twelve to thirty-two years to move through a sign. The placement of pluto in your personal birth chart or by transit shows the area of life where change (this change is an intense, slow change/ slow growth), upheaval, power (for positive expression or negative) and spiritual receptivity are focused. It is more of a historical/generational planet than a personal one (as well as  Uranus, Neptune) but everyone is affected by the energy; how it affects you or what you do or do not do with it is determined where it is falling in your chart.

Pluto represents fundamental upheaval and transformations of human life. In whichever sign it moves through, it will regenerate and transform the energy of the sign until a permanent change has been achieved. The sign that pluto transits denotes the focus of world crisis and terrorism.

In the sign of Capricorn, there is a challenge to the economic structure and status quo. Capricorn is the sign of status, leadership, structure, business and politics. The Occupancy protest and the other protests around the world correlate with pluto beginning to crawl her way through this sign until 2023. The last time Pluto was in Capricorn the most obvious manifestation of the energy was the American Declaration of Independence in 1776. Now we are experiencing the energy again and we have a great opportunity to transform the foundation that has been created in the past. At the present, the world crisis will come through the terrorism of big business and corporate structure.

The last 15 years Pluto has been in the sign of Sagittarius and I believe those years were formulating ideas for the greater good of mankind in a broad  philosophy. In that time, there is a  fundamental understanding of deep spiritual values among all people. This is a time to create a foundation based on new social, legal, and religious concepts which have been formed while Pluto was in Sagittarius. It’s the time to implement those ideas and views; restructure a world government interested in the good of humanity. The transit of Pluto through Sagittarius we just passed through created a new version of terrorism and religious fanaticism. The last time Pluto was in Sagittarius before this, the seeds of the American Revolution were planted.

In relation to tarot, Pluto rules the death card and Capricorn rules the devil.  Change of what holds us back. Finding change through our frustration of bondage and our tie to material things.  There is a power struggle between a new direction and the thirst for money and power.

While Pluto stays in Capricorn, periodically she will make aspects with Saturn in Libra and Uranus in Aries. The three planets make square aspects to each other. There is a tension and movement between them that needs FOCUS and causes ACTION.

The theme of structure and responsibility is seen again with Saturn , because it is the natural ruler of Capricorn. Saturn is the tester and great teacher of purpose in life to gain EXPERIENCE. Saturn (and jupiter) are SOCIAL planets. They create the bridge between the personal planets (sun, moon, mercury, venus and mars) and the transpersonal (generational) planets. In the sign of libra, there is a testing through relationships and partnerships. The saying “no man is an island” comes to my mind because in this placement, it is made very clear that nothing can be done with out someone else. That cooperation is key. The energy between Pluto and Saturn at this time shows that there is a great tension between the power of our government and the understanding of human relationships.  Saturn in Libra also represents contracts and agreements, so there is action that needs to be taken to create new agreements to improve our societal condition.

The planet Uranus represents freedom, individuality, Universal Love, goals, ideals and nonconformity. He is the AWAKENER and disrupts existing patterns. There is a great tension between the power structure of ‘authority’ and the need for the TRUE SELF to be exposed. The Uranus in Aries energy demands the freedom to act its own way. For the next seven years,  fast action and constant change will permeate the air through society demanding social reform. The ways of the past will be swept away with courage, initiative and a pioneering attitude.

The last generational planet to affect this amazing interaction of energy is Neptune. Neptune is about to begin her journey in Pisces (Neptune rules Pisces), and will glide her way through for the next thirteen years. It is an imaginative and creative planet. It represents spiritual destiny and is the dissolver of the solid or concrete. It is intuition and the ability to have wisdom beyond reason. If effort is put into this energy by us, this planet will help dissolve what Pluto is already beginning to transform. She will also be conjuncting Chiron, the wounded healer, in the beginning of her stay in Pisces. This represents the universal wound that is felt and the great urge to heal. I feel with the use of creative talents, compassion, and the sensitivity to humanity we can create a new way of understanding life and our true purpose.



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