New Moon in Cancer

June 23rd/24th marks the new moon in Cancer at 2 degrees


The sabian symbol for this degree is:


-The need to overcome stagnation and “cold” during trial of endurance

-The focalized mind may seek to escape its limits by venturing forth toward an idealized goal



This moon is a good time to set intention to release any emotional issues you have been tested by; in recent memory or something going as far back as childhood.

You may be flooded with nostalgia and it is important to focus on allowing nurturing and goodness into your mind and dispel any negative emotions and patterns you have grown accustom to.

If you have experienced or are experiencing pain, you may find what you are facing is rooted in childhood. It may seem like a current event, but it is likely rooted in early experiences and emotions. Treat this unresolved wound with care and integrate it into your life as something that has given you spiritual power and a potential connection to your higher self.

Take charge of your life by looking realistically at your family history to gain deeper insight into yourself and your loved ones.

Even if you feel confusion, allow it and you will eventually find the clarity you seek. There is an abundance of spiritual support and an opportunity for divine reconnection to your emotions with this new moon.

Remove yourself from feeling stuck in any emotions that do not serve your highest good and recognize that stagnation does not bring you closer to clarity or your authentic self.

Even if you are making slow break throughs, you are on the right track.

Praise the light instead of the darkness.

Emotional thoughts are powerful and changing how you view something can make all the difference for your emotional well being.

Ground yourself in emotional stability and inner light.


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Transformative Battles

Life is a series of challenges and transformations and this can make us feel weary, exhausted and tired from the struggle.

Recognize that the battle, and the scars left behind, give us spiritual strength and enlightenment that we will carry with us for an eternity.

If you feel the need to protect yourself, close off, or give up, now is not the time.
Choosing to do so causes us to disconnect from crucial pieces of ourselves that we are missing, and this new information can only make us feel more intimate with our loved ones and ourselves.

It is important to stay open and meet the ones you care for in the heart and withhold nothing on the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual levels.

To receive what we need, it is necessary to aim high, allow our energy to grow and have faith in the value of our energy and energy of those in our closest relationships.


death 9 wands

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Jupiter in Libra station direct June 9th


Jupiter has been retrograding in Libra since February 6th and will station direct TODAY, June 9th.

During this retrograde period we have been discerning what is most important in our relationships, and finding out what is and isn’t working for us and those closest to us.

We have scrutinized our selves and the people in our lives to find out what is most important, and to find the best ways possible to balance what we need versus what our loved ones need.

It has been an internal process (because of the retrograde energy), and when Jupiter stations direct on June 9 the plans of expansion we have been coming up with are ready to be outwardly expressed.

Jupiter will station direct at 13 degrees and the sabian symbol is ::::


~The need for recuperation within a social pattern of everyday activity.
~Emphasizing the need for techniques of relaxation, and the need to allow the functions of body and psyche to “digest,” free from external pressure.

The energy shows a need to take time to ourselves while also maintaining the important balance of nurturing our relationships.

Holding space for others and allowing them to come forth with their gifts balances out our need to personally shine.

Staying neutral and allowing things to unfold creates open-mindedness and fairness.

During the next few months, make sure to take ACTION because Jupiter can cause a lack of motivation.
We don’t want to waste all we have learned.
We will have many opportunities to manifest peace and equilibrium.

If we work hard on our relationships, there will be many good times of joy and more lasting conditions of happiness.
Our projects and undertakings will grow and prosper and happiness flows from
favorable involvements.

There will be transitions and regenerations that could seem scary, but it is important to remember that anything stagnant eventually dies, so making sure there is always movement forward keeps us and our relationships alive and fresh.

Meeting our most important relationships with a sense of continuity keeps our connection with the ever unfolding fabric of life, and renews passion,  which supports our ability to manifest what we desire.

Clarity, destiny and authenticity are important words to meditate upon the next few months.

Follow your instincts and know intuitively what is right for you to cut through and face the truth and surrender to a higher calling.


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Retrograde Saturn in Sagittarius

Saturn in Sagittarius has transited retrograde since April 6th and will continue to appear to move backward until August 25th.

Saturn represents where we do not yet “have it straight”, an area where we have to become capable and apply repeated effort to gain ability on a non-ego level.

It is an area of purpose, direction and responsibility to ourselves and the greater whole.

We must meet this area of life with complete self discipline and always make sure we see things through.

This is an area of our greatest desire yet also our greatest fear, and it can show how our fears keep us from fulfilling our ambitions.

When we accept and meet the tests Saturn holds for us, we can then experience new forms of freedom.

With Saturn being retrograde, this process has been an internal affair. Thinking and processing how and where we can be more responsible and disciplined is what we should be doing, so that when Saturn turns direct in August we can act on all that we have internalized.

We are being given an opportunity to redo some things we haven’t gotten right yet and now is the time for inner work and inner planning so we can make things right when Saturn is direct.

For everyone this is a unique process, as it all depends on where Saturn is at birth by house, sign and aspect and what area of your chart Saturn is transiting by house and aspect.


At this moment , Saturn is at 25 degrees and the sabian symbol for this degree is :


The nobly accepted subservience of the individual to collective values and goals

A picture of what social construct consciousness can mean in its highest implications. The flag bearer is unarmed, defenseless; yet he can be the rallying point for the total effort of a large collectivity.

*A symbol of consecration to an ideal*


Saturn is asking us to hone in on our ideals, our philosophy and what we find sacred. We should be incorporating what we realize now with the beliefs and ideals of those closest to us. It is important to discover our truth at this time and to communicate with the darkest parts of us that are unknown. Make sure to be open to wisdom and to also be committed to our path. Pay attention to the world around us and notice where we are lacking. Facing this area with bravery and facing the truth head on will bring us on a quest of self discovery; within this discovery it is important we eventually implement it in our lives for the good of the whole.

With knowing comes great responsibility.

saturn sag

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Receptive Maturity

The deeper we go within ourselves, the more maturity we gain and can discover the hidden power we have. If we look, see, feel and touch with out thinking too much, existence can flow more easily into us.

When we fully connect with ourselves, we have more opportunity to connect with partnerships and experiences that are in line with who we are.  We can transform our darkness into light and live our lives more creatively and with more compassion, as an individual and within all of our relationships.

A part of maturity is truly listening to those  around us and making sure to be receptive . Having an open mind and fully listening can bring unexpected opportunities and alliances that can assist you with future goals and projects.

Growth and movement is supported now to create a firm foundation for ourselves in the future. When life is building momentum be sure to grab it while it’s there and have self confidence that all of the plans and energy you’re putting into your future will create long lasting security and safety.

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Moon in Aries

The moon is transiting Aries today and will go through about 12-13 degrees of this sign in the next 24 hours-
This is a process of DESIRE and one in which we try to actualize a particular set of potentialities within developing our individualized consciousness.
In order to achieve this, we must leave the collective consciousness or the womb in which we came before and leave behind the old to make way for the new.
There is possibility of success , as well as failure, as this is always a part of the process of actualization.
Right now the Moon is at 2 degrees of Aries. The Sabian symbol for this is:
“A comedian reveals human nature”  –
The capacity to look objectively at one self and others.
Take time today to go with the impulse of your emotions. Observe how you emotionally react to things and how others react. In this process, let go of any emotions that don’t serve you and replace them with ones that are most authentic to who you are.
Instead of getting bogged down in the emotional and subjective side of emotions, triumph this with objective consciousness and detach involvement of self from any emotional experiences today. Take the time to laugh at existence, to find humor in the good and bad, and to be as clear as you possibly can be about how you feel today.

Moon in Aries

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Creatively Conscious

Creating is at the core of us all, something we all share in human existence. It is a very unique and individualized experience, one which should be met with our intuition, our imagination and our authentic selves. This serves a huge purpose in helping us follow our dreams and to have the best relationship with ourselves and with others.

We can gain abundance, wealth and prosperity by following our bliss, learning to communicate better, creating harmonious relationships and letting go of our pretenses and false notions that may hold us back. Uncovering intimate layers of ourselves and others helps to create a stable and loving foundation for everyone to thrive.

It is a good time to use our creative selves to gain the emotional and financial security we seek. We may be in charge of planning for the needs of our family or our working life, and it is important that our life-force energy is taken seriously and being used to benefit ourselves and the welfare of others.

If you find yourself feeling depleted and unfulfilled, ask yourself if this dream is the dream of someone else. Are you building on something that is not what you really want?

Redefining what resonates with you will help you find what your dream truly is.

Release and be free.

conscious creations

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Mercury in Taurus

Mercury is now in the sign of Taurus and will remain there until the 6th of June.
The sabian symbol for the first degree of Taurus is:
“A clear mountain stream” – The pure, uncontaminated and spontaneous manifestation of one’s own nature. Matter is imbued with great potential energy, energy being matter at its source. It is flowing irresistibly toward its own destiny. It is simply ITS OWN NATURE.
Thoughts of our own true nature and values will be on the forefront the next few weeks and being clear about what we want, what we think about, how we speak and what we are striving toward in a tangible and practical manner are important areas to focus on. Evaluating how far we have come in the way we think and communicate and having patience with ourselves with what we have and haven’t accomplished is important now. Anything that we own (externally, as in the material and internally, as in our skills) we should feel satisfied with and confident in using in our world. We may or may not having everything we want, and no matter how you are perceiving it, do not become so attached that you lose sight of your creative self.
Below is some energy for each sun sign to focus on through the next few weeks of Mercury in Taurus (and/or rising sign, if you know what your rising sign is) ::
Aries: You have been steadily working toward goals you have had for some time and taking a much needed break to see where you are at. You’ve improved multiple areas of your life and are finding great joy that the plans you have set in motion are starting to grow into what you wanted. You have needed to take a deep breath from worry or pessimism and are slowly letting a new and  positive outlook take hold.
Taurus: Thinking about your emotional nature is not always something you pay enough attention to and you are now being given the opportunity to do just that. The immense amount of healing you can accomplish will have you feeling healthy, sound and whole again. This is coming to you naturally, so no need to force it, and allow others to assist you in the process if needed.
Gemini: The ability to do what you want , when you want , and with who you want is not something that should just be talked about now, but acted upon. If you approach it in a clear headed way, with out the “rose colored glasses” , you have an opportunity to come up with new and creative ideas for more financial freedom. New people and new commitments could steer you in the right direction for this freedom.
Cancer: The material and spiritual give and take you have been experiencing has weighed upon you pretty heavily and you may be starting to realize the comfort you have been giving to others , you may need to start giving to yourself. There is rapid and dramatic change happening in your belief system and outlook, and this is going to serve you well for the quality of your life.
Leo:  Your thoughts may have revolved around aspects of the past and your desire to return to them but this is hindering your ability to move forward. Exchanging ideas with others will help you think of new action to take. Don’t forget about your past, as there is wisdom to be gained from it all, but celebrate what you’ve done so far in your life and start creating something that will be even better than before.
Virgo:  A phase of your life is in the ending process and it’s important to actively work on letting it go so outgrown ways can fall away and the renewal process can begin. The beginning stages of eliminating excess and only focusing on what you really need in life is underway and this will bring a better balance in all areas of your life, especially areas concerning your material and spiritual needs.
Libra: You may have been thinking too much about past failures, overly criticizing yourself and being overly self protective. This is to the detriment of your relationships and it would serve you well to see how much wisdom you have gained from all of your experiences and to use this knowledge to help the people in your life. You are in a position to find a great connection with someone and it could come from the most unexpected place.
Scorpio: You’ve had quite a few different paths to choose from lately and now is the time to choose the one that fits you best and to celebrate that choice. Letting go of rigid routines that mentally tax you is important to allow a little more joy in your life. Inviting your loved ones to celebrate the little things with you will bring a deeper understanding in your relationship which is a positive basis for making new connections.
Sagittarius: Manifesting your desires is very important right now and the best way to do this is to clear any mental fog you have been experiencing. You have been working on moving away from any negative thoughts, so keep doing what you’re doing, as this is bringing you a new sense of self worth and comfort. Your self sufficiency is bringing you in true alignment with your  thoughts and desires now.
Capricorn: You have been rapidly expanding your sense of self and this has generally been working out for you and people closest to you, especially those in your home. Your mental expansion is serving you well, just make sure it is also serving those closest to you and no one feels like they are getting the short end of the stick. The worst of it is over, and what has been uncovered is for the highest good of all.
Aquarius: You have had a push pull between feeling hope and positivity toward the future and on the other hand living in the past and focusing on what you have lost. It’s important for you to see what you still have in order to continue a positive mind frame and to live everyday in a state of emotional joy. Any wounds you still carry will diminish as long as you pay attention to your inner child and have a sense of enthusiasm toward life.
Pisces: Others in your life really need guidance or you need that from them. Take the time to reconnect with your friends and loved ones so there is a sense of unconditional presence between you. You have been wrapped up in your own mental restrictions and introspection lately and it is time to reach out for a bit of conversation and help from those you trust. Companionship is of upmost importance right now.
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Revolutionary Revelations

In life there are times when we feel at the mercy of what’s handed to us and crushed by the things happening in our immediate environment.
No troubles are permanent and the experience of loss, endings and pain challenge us to let go, so that we can make space for renewal and to open new doors.
Analyzing what is happening to us with objectivity rather than emotions allows sudden insights on how to handle a situation and learn to better deal with the environment in which we live on a day to day basis.
A restless, impractical and flighty mind can cause sudden upset in our daily life -not only for ourselves but those who we interact with.
It’s a good time to come up with new, fresh ideas on how to handle daily stress that benefits all parties involved.
When we feel we are mentally at our wits end can be the best times for the most revolutionary ideas , for we are pushed to find new ways to change our situations.
Make sure to listen to your intuitive inklings and to really focus on your sudden realizations, as these will be the ideas that form a new reality for yourself.
Discovery is really just about realizing the potentials that already exist.

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Harmonious Desire

It is a good time to reflect on the things wanted and what to change in order to have harmony, feel satisfied and achieve things that make us proud.

Being open and receptive to who we really are and making changes that reflect that, no matter how big or small, brings happiness, peace and celebration into life.

Make sure to daydream or meditate to allow visions or feelings come in a state of relaxation. These serve a purpose to get in touch with true desire. Writing down the steps needed in order to make these dreams a reality will help in the brainstorming process.

It may be a time where you need help and guidance or someone needs that from you. It isn’t always necessary to figure things out on our own and by brainstorming with others (or even our higher self) new inspiration and ideas will come.

Finding our place in the world with the people we feel most comfortable with is one of the most important steps we need to take for true fulfillment and to have optimism about the future.

Jump into the river of life to know life and to become a creative participant for yourself and everyone and everything around you.


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